Louis Vuitton: Monogramouflage

Hello, friends!

Well if you did not know Louis Vuitton has issued a new line of luggage, city bags, and small leather goods called Monogramouflage designed by Marc Jacobs and Japanese graphic artist Takashi Murkami (artist behind the Kanye West album cover).

Knowing that we have a Louis Vuitton store in the area (The Mall @ Green Hills), I took the liberty of calling to see how many were available. My friend Eric, at the store, said he has one bag left, the Speedy 35 (shown above). It costs $1530. He also has one belt and one passport cover. You can buy it today. Sorry there is no waiting list.

However, if you need something other than the Speedy 35, you can call the Atlanta store at the Lenox Mall. Lenox will be happy to put you on the waiting list. Lastly, if you just can’t wait, you can go to the Louis Vuitton website.

Since, I can’t afford the $1530 price tag, I’ll sit patiently on the sidelines waiting for my turn. One day Mr. Vuitton, one day!

Take a look at Rihanna, Trina, and Monica (with the matching scarf) sporting the new Speedy 35 Monogramouflage:

5 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton: Monogramouflage

  1. The bag would be nice but not on eveyone… such as Monica. Trina makes the bag look ghetto btw. lolPeople only are purchasing it because it’s LV and know nothing about the artist who created the design, sadly. So, it some none name brand company dropped that would they still have bought? No


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