Fashion Forum: White after Labor Day?

Fab Glance Fan, Rochonda, from Nashville, submitted a fashion question for this week’s Fashion Forum: “Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?”

This is a tough question. 
Personally, I follow the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule. My reason: I grew up in Massachusetts, so by the time Labor Day passes, it’s already getting cooler, leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, and back-to-school fashions promote an autumnal color scheme. Plus, I love Fall. It’s my favorite season of the year for fashion. With it’s rich jewel toned colors, why not dive straight in to the Fall look.

However, we live in Nashville where it will continue to be warm and sunny for another two months. With this fact in mind, I will say, after Labor Day, you can cut down on the white clothing pieces (dresses, pants, and shoes) and summer-like fabrics (line, lite cottons, and straw) but continue with your white accessories.

Still got questions, got a favorite piece that you just got to wear one more time? Then, try adding dark accessories, like Kate Middleton, to take away from the starkness of the white piece.

Hey, Rochonda (and everyone else), I hope this helps. Remember, fashion is all about risk and attitude. If you love it, rock it! There is no written rule about white after Labor Day, but I hope my suggestion aids in your fall fashion choices.

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One thought on “Fashion Forum: White after Labor Day?

  1. Scince I’ve moved to TN, I have refused to wear white after labor day…However, I will wear, cream, bone, and other similar colors…-Sabrina


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