Michelle Obama wore it well at the DNC

I’m sure you watched most of the Democratic National Convention. I have to admit this it the only time I actually have been following all that goes into choosing the president. Your girl is actually reading articles and searching for the truth behind those political commercials that the republicans put out against Barack. Needless to say, I was front and center for the historic speech that Barack gave this week. It was awesome and made me feel proud to be black and to be an American. When I looked at Mr. Obama give his speech it made me feel real good for my little cousins and godson (young black men) who will have way more opportunities available for them than when my grandfather and uncles were coming up.

Okay, before I wax poetic about the future of America, let’s talk about the clothes.

Michelle was on point this week. I pulled pics of my two favorite outfits.

First, the green/turquoise dress is from a Chicago designer named Maria Pinto. Michelle’s first-lady style is so streamlined and clean. Being 5’11” is a great advantage and she gets to explore all types of colors to compliment her eve skin tone. I’m so pleased that Michelle found a great hair person to take her away from that crazy Oprah-like flip hairstyle she was sporting at the beginning of the campaign.

Second, the dress she wore for Barack’s acceptance speech, the printed, multi-colored dress Michelle wore for Barack’s acceptance speech was by New York designer Thakoon Panichgul. It is a floral Radzimir kimono dress and part of Panichgul’s Spring 2009 collection. LOVED IT and your girl Michelle wore it with flats! Being 6’0″ tall I am all about flat shoes with super-embellished toe-tips. Michelle opted for a sleek patent leather pair.

So, I’m giving Michelle the Official Fab Glance seal of approval. I can only expect good things on the fashion forefront from our future first lady.

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