The Infamous Black Barbie T-shirt

Okay, so I bought this cute little t-shirt while I was in MA, and now everyone is jocking it! At first I didn’t want anyone to know where I got it from, cuz you know, all the biters out there. But I thought about it, no one can rock it with the swag I have so you can know where I got it from:

Hot Topic – Barbie She’s Dynamite Tee, $22.00
This grey fitted tee features a gold foil and pink front screen with a retro image of Barbie’s friend Christie. “She’s beautiful! She’s dynamite!”

100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Imported.
By Mighty Fine

Okay I really love this shirt, so you must send me an email when you plan to wear yours so that we won’t wear our shirts at the same time. haha

2 thoughts on “The Infamous Black Barbie T-shirt

  1. hey girl,
    just wanted u to know that i had the black barbie tee and seemed to have missed placed it. i think i accidentally gave it away, but seeing the tee on u brought back memories. as a black women i fo9und the shirt to be inspirational to little black girls. that’s why it meant so much to me and i’m so heartbroken i lost it:(


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