WINNERS: MAC Photo Contest and FLIP Gift Card Giveaway

Hey everybody!

Wow, this week is going by fast, thank God for the Monday off. But why did your girl think it was Monday yesterday? So I forgot to tell you who one the MAC Giveaway and the FLIP Gift Certificate.

Ok, ok, drum roll please?!! Can a sista get a drum roll!!! Oh I’m not that famous yet, okay, well here it goes: Everybody congratulate Keith D., Nashville, winner of the $25 FLIP Gift Certificate. Keith correctly answered the men’s fashion question, “Should men match their belts with their shoes?” Of course they should, this is standard fashion understanding.

Next up, the winner for 1 of 3 MAC Gift Certificates is Rachel H., for submitting one of the flyest photos for our 4real fashion photo contest. Rachel wins a $10 gift certificate to MAC cosmetics.

I still have 2 gift cards available from MAC, so don’t be scared to submit your photo. I’m mad that plenty of ya’ll have been coming up to me talking about “Give me the gift card you know I look good all the time!” but don’t want to send in an official photo! That’s crazy!!

So send it in, you know you want that MAC Gift Card. It can be professional or candid, just as long as it is a photo showing the world your fly-ness.

Email your photos to

Luv YA~

Ms. Lyssa

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