Budget Style: What you know about PAYLESS?

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.payless.com

So, I have a confession, I love Payless shoe store. I really do. I know, I know, your asking, “Why Ms. Lyssa? How you gonna go for the cheap knock-offs?!” But the question is the answer, I’m for a quality-made knockoff (emphasis on quality) because it makes more sense. When the new trends are coming in and out of popularity, who ‘really’ has the money to spend $700 on a shoe that may be out of style by next year? If you got it, well, more power to you. If you don’t have it or you are on a budget (but your still want to give ’em that wow factor) then places like Payless are for you.

The bonus, Payless has stepped up their game. Like Target, they have partnered with actual designers to create styles that appeal to higher quality shoppers. Designers for Payless are Lela Rose, Abaete, alice+olivia, and Patricia Field. Usually the designer styles are priced a little higher than the average Payless price, ranging from $30 – $50. However, this is a small price to pay for trendy styles and convient locations. Payless is in almost every mall and the company contiues to build stand-alone stores.

So tell me what you think.

Luv Ya,

Ms. Lyssa~

Payless’ offerings for the Fall season are show below, take a look:

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