Hate It/Love It: Driving Gloves


We haven’t done hate it/love it in like 3 weeks. Wassup with that? Oh that’s probably my fault.

Well since it’s getting cooler, I was thinking about purchasing some fashionably cool gloves. My girl, Claire, over at The Fashion Bomb, covered the trend of driving gloves (click her for her take on the cool trend) and I thought I might be able to pull them off.

Of course, I love the pretty colors and I always see people in music videos and magazine ads wearing driving gloves, but never understood how this accessories would fit into my life. I mean, if I drove a Ferrari or motorcycle to work everyday and lived in Germany or somewhere like that, I can totally see how driving gloves fit into my life. But I live in Nashville and drive a regular car, so you can see how the driving glove trend could go over my head. Even Ms. Lyssa has fashion questions sometimes. However, this Fall’s fashion season has seen an influx of leather bomber jackets (which you really need to get! No really!). And, if you are looking all tough girl fly with your bomber jacket, you gotta pair it with the driving glove. So what do you think?
<—————Here we go, you know the deal, vote on it!

Check the sidelines. Oh yeah a cool link for vintage gloves: http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/Vintage_gloves1.html

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