EVENTS: Fashion 911, Old School Party

Good morning everyone, good afternoon to the late risers,

How’s your week going? Mine is good so far. Well, if your week is beginning to suck, have no fear, I have two events that are guaranteed to raise your spirits:

First, on Thursday, September 25, we have Fashion 911 – A Couture Emergency, Fall Fashion Show. Tickets can be purchased at Studio 615 Boutique, Hangtime Clothing, or . If you want to know the hottest clothes to wear this season, make sure to be at Marathon Village, Thursday night.

Then, get your Old School hustle on as Kingdom Swag presents the Old School Party of the Year, Saturday, Sept 27 at the Foundry. The cover is only 5.00 and there will be a cash giveaway for the best old school (70’s or 80’s) outfit. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do check it out.

Old School Party of the Year

Click Here to watch the hilarious commercial for the Old School Party of the Year.

If you have an event that you want to share, be sure to send a flyer and/or link to the website promoting the event. I’ll do my best to post your event so that my readers know what’s going on in Nashville. Send event notifications to

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