Rihanna’s Hair Stylist: Ursula Stephen

Hey people,

I decided to post a little bit later in the day for all my afternoon reading fans. Plus, ya’ girl was able to get off work a little bit early today, so I thought we should all get a reward.

I was cruising the blogosphere and came across an intresting article about Rihanna’s hair stylist, Ursula Stephens. Her story is should be an inspiration to hair dressers out there trying to pay their ‘chair’ fee. She worked at a regular salon, maintaining her skills, and being innovative when someone thought she should work with the big names.

Harlem World Magazine (online) credits Ursula as the ‘go to’ girl when an artist is ready to change their look: Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Hairstylist and New Image Beauty Expert is the hairstylist of choice for many of today’s high profile celebrities, including R&B recording superstar Rihanna, platinum recording artist Keyshia Cole, Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child) and America’s Next Top Model Winner – Saleisha Stowers. Ursula is repeatedly requested for her expertise in “new image” hair makeovers, and for her impeccable product and styling knowledge. While her work speaks volumes for itself, Ursula has been called upon to provide expert tips and her personal “trade secrets” for many of the leading fashion and beauty publications including InStyle, Essence, Us Weekly and People Magazine.

As you can see, Ursula, took Rihanna from a Carribean Beyonce Look-a-like to a super fly pop diva. Which goes to show that you should never give up on your dream. Read more about Ursula Stephens over at The Fashion Bomb —–> CLICK HERE

Luv Ya~
Ms. Lyssa

BONUS: Here’s one of my favorite videos featuring Rihanna – “If I Never See Your Face Again”, by Maroon 5. Hey, everyone needs a little Adam Levine in their life.

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