Style Watch: Top 5 Shoe Trends for Fall

Autumn officially began on September 22 so break out the subdued hues, opaque tights, fashionable leggings, and of course you new shoes. The following is a list of the Top 5 shoe trends for Fall 2008, take note.

OXFORD HEELS: All my friends now that this is my absolute favorite style for the fall. Designers are taking a hint from your boyfriend’s closet and giving us a little bit of masculine fashion for the season. These shoes are versatile, you’ll be able to wear them with suits, dresses, and skinny jeans.

FLAT BOOTS: Aww yes, stiletto haters rejoice as you get one chance to let your feet breath a sigh of relief this season, because gone are the trend of pencil-heeled stiletto ‘ninja’ boots (as I like to call them). Make way for flat boots in electric colors. You’ll look great and your feet will thank you. You’ll get BONUS POINTS for buying a suede pair!

ANIMAL PRINT: My friend Leah is known for her awesome animal skin pumps. Well, she should be so blessed to have her style be tagged as the hot trend for autumn. Animal skin shoes are popping up everywhere in every style noted in this post.

MARY JANE PUMPS: Okay, sorry stiletto haters, for this trend, The Higher the Better is the motto. A stiletto heeled Mary Jane, will take away from the first grader aspect and makes you feel more like a sexy school teacher.

HIGH TOP SNEAKERS: Once again, I am so happy, sneakers are making a come back in fashion, even ending up on the red carpet (I don’t really co-sign on that). Anyway, get yourself a pair of High Top sneakers in a wacky color combination, find a group of 8th graders, and play a game of double-dutch hop scotch, or 4 square. Have a little fun with fashion this year.

BONUS: for the over achievers, ANYTHING PURPLE:

Love Ya~
Ms. Lyssa

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