OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.workforcerebellion.com/

Hey everyone!

This event is for the truly fly, the hip-hop dancers, the graffiti artists, the underground DJs, and ll the people who wished they could take chances with their careers to do something they were truly passionate about. Well, if you want to walk on the wild side for a few hours, check out this party and art installation sponsored by SCION, LoveNoise, and Workforce Rebellion. PLUS, A Tribe Called Quest’s famous DJ, Ali Shaheed Muhammad will be spinning. OKAY OKAY, I’m about to lose it because I love Tribe. So you know I will be there. Hope to see you too.

WorkForce Rebellion is having a large art show that will turn into an incredible party. We are currently producing many works of all sizes for the show. It will open at 5:00 and run until 9:00. Then at 9:00 the space will transition into a party with DJs Kids Meal and Wick-It doing there thing with music on patio by The Lovenoise Soundsystem (DJs Elevation and Soul Infinite). And then, a first for Nashville, A Tribe Called Quest member/producer/DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammed will be spinning a special DJ set.”

It goes down at Gallery East – 1008-C Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PARTY!
Learn more about WorkForce Rebellion art movement: http://workforcerebellion.blogspot.com/

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