She’s a Winner: Adige

WINNER: Hip Hop Female, Adige


Okay, so I had to give love to my girl, Adige, for winning the Youth Gospel Entertainment Award. If you don’t know about Adige, you should get to know her. Tianna is her real name, but her stage name is Adige (A Diamond in God’s Eyes). She is one of Nashville’s finest rapper’s who happens to be holding it down for Jesus. Plus, her flow is tight and she truly cares about her craft. Adige is a good deal for young ladies out there who want to rap and want to do it with style and finesse.

Excerpted from her Bio: “. . . unlike many of her creative peers, ADIGÉ is striving to use her lyrics to educate rather than merely entertain. Whether it’s the encouraging lyrics of “Walk It Out” or the real issues that teenagers face today in her new song entitled “Restoration”, she provides a genuineness that is hard to find in any genre of music today.”

While searching for her purpose in life, one day she asked God what she was really supposed to be doing with her life, and a short time following she was given a word of prophecy by one of the elders at her church. He spoke these words to her, “God told me to tell you that you are A Diamond in His Eyes.” She later went home and began to put her thoughts on paper and eventually created a visual drawing that reflected the word of prophecy that she had received.

Tianna Baker is a native of Nashville, TN. She attends Born Again Church, Nashville TN under the leadership of Bishop Horace E. Hockett.

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