Good Morning faithful Friends and new readers!!

Welcome to to this week’s edition of the 4Real Fashion Photo Contest. This blog is about fashion, mostly targeting in Nashville. I have many readers from around the country who log on to see what’s going on in Nashville, and what are the people wearing. Please believe, many folks think that Nashville is still about cowboy boots and glitter (sometimes it is) but we have a ever-growing fashion community. Living here, I want to express that fact to everyone: Nashville Loves Fashion!! Oh yeah buddy, we got style.

So here is this week’s winner of the 4real fashion photo contest, Calisha. In the photo’s above Calisha is wearing the corset tweed dress from Bebe 2007 Fall Collection. Sorry, ladies, it’s not available in Nashville, but you can find similar dresses online, click here.

Back to our winner, Calisha not only is a fashion maven she is down for the community. She is the Founder and Director of Tree of Life Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s some background info about Calisha from her myspace website: Calisha Brooks is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Ministries in Nashville, TN; a non-profit spirit led ministry devoted to helping families and individuals overcome the tragedies of their past and discover their true identity in Christ. Through her ministry as a writer, motivational speaker, teacher and mentor; Calisha’s desire is to see every person hasten to the abundant life promised to them by God. She allures others to the heart of God by drawing from the love of God that delivered her from the prison of her past, and brought her into the wholeness that’s only found in his presence. She is said to be a practical, yet powerful teacher with the ability to penetrate the hardest hearts while captivating the attention of any restless soul. Her God giving ability to teach from a psychological platform has allowed her to be an effective vessel that brings forth healing, hope and wholeness to a generation seeking restoration.

So check her out, she is not only beautiful and stylish, she has God’s best interests at heart.

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