I know it’s fashion but . . .

Okay, this came across my desk last week, and I had to tell you about it. Now I’m pro-European when it comes to fashion and design, however, this one is a little wacky. May I present to you, MANTYHOSE!


Uh-huh, yeah, mantyhose are for men to wear under their slacks, you know, for that smoothing effect, to take away from unsightly cellulite that men obsess over all the time. Yeah, that sounds about right, right? Man whatever, any dude come up to me with a pair of mantyhose on will get a premium edition of Ms. Lyssa’s side-eye stare and a prompt laugh at your crazy tail. Boy Stoppp!!

3 thoughts on “I know it’s fashion but . . .

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a guy wearing pantyhose. Besides, you people need to study your history of tights and grow up. Why should women be allowed to wear everything men can wear while men can’t choose thanks to intolerant retards?


  2. Thanks for your spirited commment. I’m not saying that men can’t wear tights, it’s my opinion that wearing tights in today’s fashion world is a bit outdated. Truly if this were victorian times, no one would see a problem with men wearing tights.


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