Celebeauty: Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block, Jenny from the Block, oh how we have upped our game. I already gave Jenny her props last month, when she was on the cover of Elle magazine, looking excellent. But these recent photos, I copped from Stuff Fly People Like, and I had to let me readers see so you can understand Ms. Lopez’s fly-ness.
Having just raised money by completing a 7K triathlon, Lopez has renewed her post baby body. I like the fact that it took Jenny almost a year (which is like 3 years in Hollywood time) to get back to her similar size and she did it with old fashioned hard work in the gym. Okay, so she probably has two nannies, a night nurse, a chef, a stylist, and a personal trainer, but you get the picture – ha ha, chick had to work out.
Anyway, enjoy these flashback photos so you can see where Jenny came from.

(In Living Colour Days) (Diddy’s Girl, 1999)

(Her various clothing choices, 1999-2006)

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