Nashville’s 25 Most Beautiful People 2008

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine has released it’s list of the 25 Most Beautiful People in Nashville. Singer/Songwriter Jewel graces the front cover, but don’t think that choices all come from the country music sector. Nominees were chosen for their inner beauty and outer beauty. All of the winners have an extensive reach in the community, from heading children’s programs to feeding the homeless.

Pics from the 9th Anniversary party can be viewed here.

To view the winners pictures and read their bios, pick up a copy of the Nashville Lifestyles magazine in your local bookstore.

Here is a list of the winners: Jewel, Nanci Filipelli, Ashlie Kolb, Kevin Mawae, Kelly Lynn, Eldridge Askins, Dan McDow, Brent Young, Lance Smith, Michelle Rose Ingram, Sheg Aranmolate, Kimberly Pont, Lezica, Gary Kinder, Amber Christian McDonald, a.k.a. “Ambie Mac”, Carmen N. Primrose, Beau Davidson, Justin Michael Sandy, Nan Kelley, Carolyn Calhoun, Jordin Tootoo, Chuck Wicks, Amy Cotta, Holly Robertson, John Dwyer, Karen Elson

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