Men’s Fashion: Fall Essentials for your man

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Well, Ms. Lyssa is back on her fashion grind, letting you know what’s good when it comes to the fashion outcast. Today we are talking about Men’s Fashion for the fall. The good thing about men’s fashion, it’s tried and true, the bad thing about men’s fashion is – it’s tried and true, meaning, there is never really a big change in what’s hot for men trend wise. For the ladies we can be some ‘trend-whores’ when it comes to each season’s fashions. We will search boutiques and malls to find the new hot outfit, while your boyfreind looks at you crazy becasue he can where the same suit to 5 different events, and no one is the wiser.
However, Ms. Lyssa has scoured the pages of Details, GQ, and Esquire magazines to let you know what ways to upgrade your man’s wardrobe this year. The style upgrade for men this year is all about the old-school blue collar worker (pictured top left) and the sexy version of Mister Rogers (pictured top right by David Beckham). The blue collar look is signified by newsboy caps, patch pocket coats and suits, tailored corderoys, and rugged leather boots. While, my favorite, Sexy Mr. Rogers, sees your man in slim fitting cardigans, Eastland boots, plaid button-down shirts, and designer varsity jackets. Listed below are some of the items that can help bring these looks to life.

1. Quality Leather Boots and WingtipsRemember, back in the day when all the cool guys wore the Eastland’s with the buckle? Well, nix the buckle and go for the upgrade. Try a suede version for work. My grandfather was the king of wingtips, and this style of shoe is timeless and versatile, pair them with cords, traditional black or navy suit, or deconstructed suits.

2. Fly Outerwear: Skull Cap, Flannel Vests, and Varsity Jackets – Try a skull cap, however try a rich fabric like cashmere for an adult effect. Next up, a flannel puff vest, an upgrade to the 90’s version of the nylon version, the flannel vest looks good layered over a plaid shirt or wool v-neck sweater.

3. Camel Sport Jacket or Trench Coat – In my opinion, these are two items every man should have in his closet becuase they are so versitle and timeless. Many of the men’s new styles are cater to guys with slim physiques, but these two staples, can be worn by most men no matter what his physique.
4. Tailored Cords – Look away from the high-school cargo version and lean towards the updated version for the casual Friday look. My favorites are the navy blue and chocolate versions, the rich colors are easily matched with the other styles brought up today.

5. A Good Leather Belt – Every man needs a quality leather belt in brown and black. You need to get a new belt every fall. The braided style is good for more casual styles while the crocidile is better for suits and slacks.
6. Cardigans and V-Neck Sweater – The prep look is back for this fall, however fall back from the classic white button down shirt pairing but add a graphic t-shirt, plaid button-down or layering a scarf over the the look.

BONUS: For the overachievers, a quality leather portfolio. Not a man-purse, but a place to put important documents for meetings and the like. This allows you to look organized and fashionable.

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