Man of the Week: Damien Horne

(photos by Jeff Hardwick)

Damien Horne is our Man of the Week not only for his handsome features, but for his awesome philanthropic works. This singer makes his name in Nashville as a awesome performer. Go to his Myspace page and you will be amazed at his musical variety: R&B, pop, hip-hop, soul and rock are all genres that Mr. Horne cleverly blends to give audiences an awesome musical experience. Not to mention that the brotha will bust out a back flip (on-stage) to express his level of excitement for his craft. I was introduced to Damien music after attending his free concert series at the Rutledge in the Spring. Once again his giving spirit was demonstrated as he only took donations for local charity. Watch the video below to hear more of Damien’s story, and find out why he is passionate about music and helping others.,t=1,mt=video

Join Damien, by donating to the Fila World Walk. Millions of children, around the world, do not have a pair of shoes. These children (and their parents) have to walk miles to obtain food and services we take for granted. Starting Saturday, October 11, 2008, Damien and many others will be walking 300 miles (from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA) to raise awareness and collect shoe donations for children around the world. There will also be concerts at selected cities throughout the 300 mile distance. Damien would love to see fans and friends come out, walk, cheer, and donate to this awesome cause.

Click the banner below to get information on how you can help.

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