So . . . what do we think of these?

Remember when I told you that one of the TOP 5 SHOE TRENDS FOR FALL was high top sneakers; I don’t know about this one right here, friends. This is the Air Max ’95 Zen Venti by Nike. Over at Stuff Fly People Like, he gave them a prompt thumbs down. I don’t know, I just don’t know . . . what I do know is – the hood girls will be trying to rock these extra hard. I love the original Air Max ’95’s but this is just taking it a little too far.

Comments please . . .what do you think?

Luv Ya~

Ms. Lyssa

2 thoughts on “So . . . what do we think of these?

  1. You know….maybe Im crazy, and Im the whitest white girl you know, haha…..but I think these would be fun with Skinny jeans tucked in them, and a very feminine fitted hoodie and a big purse. Kind of like balancing the rugged look of the shoe with really feminine and pretty everything else. These shoes have a shot at being fun!


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