Fashion Forum: Liquid Leggings

Happy Columbus Day! Do you have the day off? I do – Yeah!

So, I thought I handle a reader question that was posed to me last week.
“Ms. Lyssa, I have seen the stars like Victoria Beckham and Ashley Olson sporting the liquid leggings in magazines. I really like the look, but I’m wondering how I can wear them without looking crazy. Also, I am very tall, do you think this look will work for me?” Bethany G., Nashville, TN

Okay, Bethany, thanks for your question. I have seen this trend, and I am a fan too, although you will not see me in a pair of Liquid Leggings, also called PVC leggings, because of my plus-size stature. That being said, readers, some trends is for a particular demographic, liquid leggings are one of those trends that look best on slim girls. I know, I know, thick thigh girls, you are super sad, but we gotta use real talk. Bethany, your super-tall physique will work well with this trend, but make sure to purchase a pair that have the length that hits your ankle bone. American Apparel in on Broadway in Downtown Nashville, carries these leggings as well as Express. For PLUS SIZE OPTIONS click here.

Liquid leggings hit the LA/Hollywood scene back in 2003. Not to say this is a new trend, in the 1970’s lame leggings and the super shiny spandex leggings were all the rage in the clubs. Even men wore them:

Okay – -I know – -Right! That Rick James, hah, so funny. Anyway, how can you wear them without looking like a bonafide street walker or ‘super-freak’ haha, here’s my advice.

Try wearing your leggings with ultra feminine details. Pretty lace blouses, peacoats, empire waist dresses in blush pink or pastel colors help to take away from the edginess and make it more fashionable.

Also, try the following options to get more wear out of your purchase.Check out the set I designed below:

How to wear liquid leggings by Ms. Lyssa

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