Celebeauty: Keyshia Cole

Sorry, I couldn’t find better pictures, but this first one is a great demonstration of how FLY K. Cole can be. This was taken at one of her SEVERAL b-day parties this week. the second picture is with her and Polow tha Don, famous producer of hits like “Love in this Club” by Usher. I’m mad that with all that producer money, Polow couldn’t get a good beard trim and his braids looking right, for shame my brother, for shame! And NO they are not dating (sources say). Back to Ms. Cole, Keyshia looks excellent, very fit, and her hair is great. I can definitely say, “Go Keyshia, it’s ya birthday!!
Side note: Are finger waves making a come back? I’ve seen this 80’s-90’s style making appearances lately.
I’m happy to be back! I missed ya!
Luv YA~
Ms. Lyssa

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