FYI: Nashville Fashion Group is back!


Good Morning, My Fashionable Friends!!

Well, I am so excited about this development. As you can see, Nashville Fashion Group (NFG) is back, and the organization is doing bigger and better things than before. NFG has a community website where Nashville’s fashionable residents can come together, meet, and share ideas. It’s like MYSPACE but targeted to the fashion community. Anyone can join, and website access allows you to be first to know about fashion shows and fashion events in the area. So, who is NFG, well let me give you a little background about the organization:

(NFG) was founded by Robert Campbell in 2006 to bring awareness to a growing interest in fashion within the city and to provide opportunities to showcase local talent to the rest of the world. Based in the most strategically located city in the United States, NFG manages a network of the most talented Nashville fashion professionals and is a key figure in the creative network of designers, photographers, graphic designers, models and fashion artists.

GOAL: To build a fashion scene that will ultimately enhance the social, economic, and cultural atmosphere of Nashville and create a viral effect that will spread throughout the US and abroad.

MISSION: To produce projects and events that place Nashville residents seeking to be in the fashion industry with networking opportunities and fashion professionals with a platform that ultimately helps them express their vision and bring more awareness to the growing fashion industry within the city. (NFG Community, 2008)

So, click on the link above and join the Nashville Fashion Group!

Luv Ya~
Ms. Lyssa

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