Get Dressed it’s Homecoming Season


Oh-kay, so if you didn’t know, I am an alumni of Tennessee State University (TSU). So, I am extra-excited about our homecoming week; the game, the reunion parties, the pep rally, and THE FASHION. TSU is good for an impromptu fashion show. Everyone, alumni and Nashville natives put their best outfits on and come to see (and be seen) by everyone. In addition, it is homecoming season all over America, whether you are in high school or college.

Now, ladies, there are going to be some major fashion violations at your homecoming event. Oh yes, the real big girl wearing the real little outfit, the old-school alumni still rocking his best outfit from 1992, the Greek alum rocking their paraphernalia too hard (down to the sneakers), and even the wanna be fashionista, wearing 6-inch stilettos to the football game. It’s a tragedy, and it makes my eyes hurt to see people looking un-fashionable, when they have so much potential.

Below are some examples of what to wear to the events that may occur at your homecoming week/end. Take note, the thing to remember is most events occur outside, so it is imperative to be prepared for the elements, while continuing to look FAB!

First up, some options for the pep-rally. The key is comfortable chic. Remember that one of the top shoe trends for 2008 is high-top sneakers; try finding a pair that shows your individual fashion sense. The pep rally is outside, usually lasts about 3-4 hours, and involves alot of walking. Save your feet for the party later that night. Put your stock in a high-end bag, cuz that’s what’s gonna make a statement when you take pics.

Next, a look I created for the football game. Forget wearing the team jersey, try a leather bomber jacket or a fly wool jacket, skinny jeans, and boots. The game is outside (it’s chilly) and tailgating will be involved, you want to be comfortable. Dress for a long day of eating, standing, and walking very far distances. Remember, the game is not the club! We will not be impressed by your stilettos. We will only snicker, watching you try to walk on too high shoes, on too hard concrete. Once again, signature bags and signature boots are the key to making a statement at the game.
The Homecoming Game by Ms. Lyssa
OKAY LADIES, it’s show time. Now, the reunion party, the fraternity/sorority get together,
the dinner with friends, now is the time to put your best foot forward. You have followed directions, you have saved your feet for this very occasion, it is officially stiletto time. This is the outfit that you will showcase as you dance to ‘Single Ladies’ or ‘Green Light’, you want all eyes on you. Ditch the chunky over sized bag, and go for a sleek clutch, eye-catching jewelry, and a streamlined look. Jeans are okay, but remember to be over-the-top with your accessories. Simple dresses are also an option, as it allows you to give extra attention to your shoes and bag.
The After-party by Ms. Lyssa
So, hopefully this keeps the fashion mistakes to a minimum, this year. Be on the look-out, pictures will be posted spotlighting the best ensembles from homecoming weekend. Happy Homecoming to all the high schools and colleges in the area!
Luv Ya~ Ms. Lyssa

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