Fashion Forum: Is it winter already?

Hello Nashville Fashionistas and friends!

Yesterday, I posted this fly pic of Alicia Keys running errands in NYC and I received a Fashion Forum question from a Fab Glance reader: “Ms. Lyssa, what are the hot coat trends for this winter. I want to get away from the regular leather coat I have been sporting for the last two years.” Shannon F., Brentwood, TN

This question was great because I was just getting ready to talk about coats for the upcoming winter season. The key to finding the right coat is understanding that a coat is a statement piece; it’s the item that people will see all winter long (why not get two or three). Your new coat is your new business card, your new first impression, and you’ll be warm too. Fashion Era writer Pauline Weston Thomas says: In the past few seasons we have observed a silhouette change in catwalk fashion. Pyramid A-line trapeze shapes, armorial futurist space age looks, and cocoon fashions have all been ways to manipulate volume looks. Softer versions hit the high street, but the influence is there in the styles available at the mall. This autumn the new silhouettes for 2008 are developing a more architectural sculptured contour. Designers are playing with fabric folds, and the fit, flare and shaping of garments in novel ways.

In addition, having the right accessories makes your coat unique. Shanon, don’t get rid of your old leather staple, jazz it up with a good tailoring, new gloves, and a funky scarf. The examples below show some coat trends for the season. Also, good places to find a fly winter coat in Nashville are: Burlington Coat Factory (cheap), Nashville Clothing Company (unique), United Apparel Liquidators (designer), and Target + Old Navy (trendy/affordable).

Hope this helps.

Luv Ya~

Ms. Lyssa

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