Man of the Week: Freddie B.

(photo courtesy of Deshaun Smith Photography)

This week, we spotlight Freddie B (aka Freddie Moultry) a Nashville entertainer with roots in Atlanta, GA. Freddie B is a TSU Alumni and owner of a production company, 8ighty Se7en Entertainment. I was introduced to Freddie’s hilarious videos when a friend sent me a link to his Youtube station, Freddie B TV. Freddie’s quick wit and handsome features allows him to get the best (or worse) comments from his subjects, all the while giving his viewers hours of side splitting footage.

In 2005, he started doing a radio show with a TV segment at TSU. This then grew into a more organized TV show as he continued to teach himself the art of video editing. The show then covered only parties with Freddie talking to people on different topics with a comedic twist (as illustrated in the videos below), but it would quickly grow into so much more. At the end of the spring semester, he decided to sell his hit show on DVD. It turned out to be a big success as he grossed over one thousand dollars by simply walking around campus selling the DVDs hand-to-hand.

Freddie B has now become a rising star in the production and entertainment field, not only locally but around the country. In addition to his candid interviews, Freddie B has celebrity appeal. Regularly he is asked to emcee local and red-carpet events. His past celebrity interviews have included: Shaquille O’Neal, Dwayne Wade, Rap Artist – Webbie, Uncle Luke (from 2 live Crew), Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks, Actor Boris Kodjoe, Flavor of Love ParticipantsHoopz and Bootz, and many more. in addition Freddie B regularly give back to non-profit organizations such as Relay 4 Life, HOBY, and mentoring in the community. Check him out on Myspace, Facebook, and YouTube.

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