Wear This: Statement Necklaces

The fall/winter ‘totally wearable‘ trend of 2008 has got to be the statement necklace. Gone are the days of the tiny trinkets and dainty delicate neck embellishments, fashion forward ladies want to make their presence known. What better way than with a necklace that focuses attention on the best part of a woman’s body, her neck?

Statement necklaces can be defined as super chunky with heavy-handed details: chains, ropes, large semi-precious rocks, piles of gold chains, and even wood. Statement necklaces should be worn with a chic streamlined ensembles (simple, clean, monochromatic), freeing you from fiddling with large earrings, rings, or even detailed shoes. The necklace should be the main attraction and it will allow you to show your totally free-spirited and creative side. In addition, statement necklaces can be worn day or night: Day – white button down shirt or tunic and jeans, night – Little black dress, stilettos, and a clutch.

CLICK HERE TO BUY or search a statement necklace in your price range.

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