Golden Globe, Fashion Re-cap

So, I partially watched the Golden Globe’s last night. Basically, I was looking for wonderful trends and fashion tips to pass around to my favorite fashion folks in Nashville. Here is a list of the top trends I identified for 2009 Formal Dresses:

  • Show Your Shoulders: Take a chance on an Off The Shoulder or One Shoulder Dress
  • Get Creative: Intricate Folds and Pleats to make your dress stand-out
  • Tone it Down: Embrace muted colors like grey, mauve, and ivory

  • Make a statement, Make a Choice: Statement Necklace or Earrings, but never both

  • WHAT’s OUT: Cocktail Length Dresses – one of my favorite styles has retired for this season

Here are my BEST DRESSED Ladies from the 2009 Golden Globe Awards:

Eva Mendes – Best Dressed

Christina Applegate

Eva Longoria

Anne Hathaway

Marisa Tomei – Most Original

Jennifer Morrison

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Winslett – Classic Beauty

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