Louis Vuitton: Sprouse Tribute Collection – Oh I love It!

2126 Abbott Martin Road
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 292-0848

Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have released the limited edition Steven Sprouse Tribute bags, clothing, and accessories line. This is a return to the classic Steven Sprouse and Luis Vuitton graffiti bags of 2001.

For my Nashville people, I just called the LV store in the Green Hills Mall and they have plenty of the Sprouse Flowers collection (shown above): Speedy, Never Full, and accessories. The Graffiti tag collection doesn’t launch until February 2.

Please understand these bags will surely sell out before you can blink your eye, however it doesn’t hurt to take a look at this daring collection and dream.

I love me some Louis Vuitton. After watching a PBS special on the history, design and craftsmanship of these luxury bags I was in love. Each LV bag is HAND CRAFTED, there are very little machines used to create these luxuries.

I’m almost on the Kimora Lee-Simmons kick, that I want to have an LV closet of bags and luggage when I grow up. I love LV as much as I love Hermes. Those are two accessories lines I must have in my life when I start ‘ballin. But for now, I’ll just look 😦

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