Fashion Forum: Post Pregnancy Dressing

This week I received some excellent fashion questions from my FAB GLANCE readers. However, I chose the following question because so many women will have to deal with this situation at some point in their life.

My baby is six months old and I’m still wearing maternity clothes!!! Can you fix that????”
Pam W., Springfield, MA

First off, let’s thank Pam for being truthful about her situation, that’s the first step to a true fashion makeover. For her question, Pam will receive a gift certificate to LANE BRYANT women’s clothing store!
Now let’s get busy. Only the extremely wealthy or mutant women with alien genes, can snap back to their pre-baby size. However, most women have to work hard to get back to even resembling the shape/size body they had before they got pregnant.

Health wise, you gotta stick to a nutrition plan that will help you shed the calories and maintain energy. I know, I know, we hate to hear it, but you have to eat healthy in order to slim down. No more ice cream and cookie cravings.

The key to dealing with this new body is DISGUISE! Disguise all the new lumps and bumps that make you feel less than fabulous; starting with a the right undergarments, something like the one shown below:
This all over shaper will smooth you out and re-train your tummy to appear flatter. If the one-piece shaper is a bit much, try a panty length shaper. You will get a similar effect without all the hustle it takes to use the bathroom.

Next up, go for DRESSES! Dresses hide a catalogue of flaws; especially WRAP DRESSES. No matter what your size or body shape, a wrap dress maximizes the good parts and minimizes the bad parts. GO for DARK colors too, plum, maroon, black, grey, brown, and then dress it up with classic accessories. The dress shown below is available, ON SALE, at the AVENUE plus size retailer.

The dress shown below is what we call a SHIFT DRESS and is hides a new mommy tummy with ease. Plus, the additional detailing at the collar and sleeve draws attention from your belly and up to your beautiful face.
Additionally, OPAQUE TIGHTS, work double duty to lengthen & draw attention to your legs and to slim your thighs and stomach. Buy your tights 1 size larger so that the waist band sits right below you bra line.
Next up, DITCH THE SWEATPANTS and invest in two pairs of comfortable black slacks. I know you probably live in your sweatpants because you new beautiful bundle of joy leaves you no time to get cute. However, having a couple of pairs of good wide-leg and bootcut black slacks will allow you to pull together an outfit quickly and feel comfortable and chic.

Pair your black slacks with a pair of funky flats or kitten heel shoes and you will start to feel like your old self with a cool new mom vibe.

Lastly, some of those Maternity shirts can stay in the closet. WHAT?!

Yeah, today’s new fashions have embraced babydoll, a-line, and ruched style shirts (like the shirts above) hide even a regular tummy. Be sure to let go of the ones that have that definite maternity appeal, but keep the classic ones and try pairing a wide belt with a shirt to give a invisible waist some definition.

I hope this helps ya, PAM, and all the other ladies out there.

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