OKAY, OKAY! Back in October I answered a question about Liquid Leggings for a reader in Nashville. Since then, my inbox has been filled with my plus-size fashionistas asking about Liquid Leggings in their size.

Although, I don’t go for the liquid leggings in wild colors (I’ll stick with the black) some girls make it work. So I found that uber-awesome plus-size retail carrier,, was the place to go for stylish, unique leggings, including the PVC or Liquid Leggings that cost $25.00. TORRID stores are in malls nationwide and the company has a user friendly website.

TORRID offers their leggings in a variety of sizes and a comfortable length of 31″ inseam.
My favorite are black leopard pair. In order to make it work, make sure you leave the matchymatchy accessories at home, because everyone will be looking at you super-shiny legs and (hopefully) awesome shoe.
  • Go for an ankle boot or funky stiletto.

  • Try a layered look up top, baby-doll shirt, or ruched shirt that covers you bottom

  • The goal is to look sultry NOT slutty

  • Remember, this is a TREND, so don’t go overboard buying every shiny pair of leggings, only to be left (next year) with a style that no one is rocking. 2 pairs should do the trick 🙂

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