Grammy Fashion Highlights

So if you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, you really missed a great show. Why you ask?

Maybe it was because, all the songs nominated were some of my favorites like Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”, Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, and Ne-Yo’s “Ms. Independent”.

Or maybe it was the nominations and performances: Jazmine Sullivan’s Five nominations (she didn’t win any), Jennifer Hudson returning to the stage after her family tragedy (breath-taking!), and the “Swagga Like Us” perfomance that made me think hip-hop might have a chance in the future. and MIA letting all ya’ll know that no one has as much SWAGGER as her, due any moment, performing in front of millions.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the (uh-uh) Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco that is brewing as we speak. No one want to believe our Double Mint gum chewing, “Disturbiaperforming super couple are on the skids, or worse than that involved in a domestic violence situation -say it ain’t so Chris!

A little history, alot of happiness, and a dash of tragic undercurrent do make a good Grammy presentation.

But we a here to look at the clothes. So let’s get started:

Momma Whitney, came out and set the stage. She looked awesome as she presented the award for Best R&B Album to non other than a very well-derserving Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer looked great as he accepted her award and dedicated it to her “family up above.” My one concern, leave your purse in your seat. But who am I to judge . . . .

Solange Knowles looked great on the red carpet, but I’m sure the question of the night was, “Where’s Beyonce?” No matter what Solo let everyone know that Big Sister Bey ain’t the only won who can rock the red carpet like a sizzling star!

Okay, so she doesn’t REALLY do anything but look REALLY pretty and she dates a REALLY fine NFL star. Oh well, Kim Kardashian arrived to the Grammy Red Carpet looking FAB in a silver-white powder puff cocktail dress. You can’t knock her hustle, the girl is fly!

KEYSHIA COLE is really coming around. First a fab cover on VIBE magazine and know a Grammy upgrade with her cute up-do. Plus, check out her eyelashes and confetti style diamond necklace, however, the dress was a no-go.

Estelle, gets my honorable mention because she always strives to go outside the box. Most bloggers are not feeling her silver dress, but I kinda like it. She has an eclectic style that translate very well when on screen.

No matter what, it was a good night and I’m sure the winners are feeling even better.

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