Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with Nike!

Happy Friday and Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day!

I don’t have a special guy in my life right now, BUT I do have some special sneakers. And, if anyone wanted to drop Ms. Lyssa a secret love note, they better have these shoes attached to the note.

These are Nike’s Air Force 1 offerings for Valentine’s Day. Above we have the Nike Court Force High WMNS for Valentines Day 2008 and the ones below are for 2009. Give the gift of FLY shoes for Valentine’s Day and your lady will be quite pleased. HECK, give them to yourself.

Some people are getting ready for romantic weekends, girls nights out, and home alone time. To make sure you look fly check out the article I posted: What to Wear on V-Day.

No matter how you choose to spend your weekend, don’t be depressed, it’s just one day. Remember, love can happen any time of the year. Don’t let one day ruin your whole weekend!

Luv Ya ~Ms. Lyssa

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