TREND ALERT: Nerd Glasses

Hello People,

Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was on the road driving to St. Louis for new Gospel artist Jai. She is awesome and expect big things from her.

Anyway St. Louis is nice -cold -but nice. The ongoing trend in the The ‘Lou is chic punk-rock look and sporting the Nerd Glasses. Now, this is not a NEW trend, however it’s an ongoing trend that is going to stay strong clear-through the Summer.

I love the red glasses in the picture above. Ms. Lyssa may have to get some of those in the future. Like any new trend, don’t get outrageous, two pairs should do the trick.

Ladies – Start with the black nerd glasses, pair with a button down cardigan, slim jeans, and graphic t-shirt.

Guys – Nerd Glasses + cool graphic tee + fitted jeans + Vans = Fab Nerd look

So try – get into it!

(Scarlett Johanssen rocking the nerd frames)

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