Tasty Goodness: Pastel Colored Accessories

Get Ready Fashion Friends,

Spring is coming ladies and gents, although the recent Tennessee snowstorm may make you think otherwise. However, fashionable folks need to be ready on the off season so we can beat the competition when the weather turns warm. So for the next couple of weeks I’ll be letting you know what will be hot in the Spring.

Today’s offering – PASTEL colors. Pastel colors will be awesome for the spring season. go for blue, pink, orange, salmon, and lilac. Below you can see some of the tasty choices coming out Spring/Summer:

Pleasant Pastel Scarf created by MOD CLOTH – give your white button-down shirt and slim jeans with a similar scarf.

Japanese brand Q-pot, founded by Tadaaki Wakamatsu in 2002, took their food theme style to reproduced cases the iPhone 3G and iPod.

To be released in June ’09, Casio’s famed G-Shock watch has been colored a tasty pastel pink or salmon by Hawaiian based designers In4mation.

(pics from Hypebeast and Mod Cloth)

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