Fashion Forum: I Don’t Like ‘Sneakers’!

Today, we have a fashion forum question from one of our FAB readers:

Ms. Lyssa – I’m getting ready to start a new work-out plan (aerobics and strength-training) and I KNOW I need some new sneakers. Problem is I hate athletic shoes, especially the kind with a big air bubble in the back or something like that. I just want a shoe that is fashionable, colorful, and serves the purpose. HELP!

Well, this question was hard for me to answer because I love sneakers. So, I had to dig deep and use my styling skills to give our FAB READER a good answer.

The deal with sneakers is that initially sneakers are met to support your foot/ankle while you complete your task. Now, there are so many CASUAL shoes out there that get people confused. So people think that the cute shoe, that is shaped like a converse all-star is a shoe you can go to the gym and work-out with. But doing that will get you some really sore feet by the end of your activity.

You must understand, every true athletic shoe has a purpose: you have hiking boots – with high tops and supported ankle straps for hikers, walking shoes- with flat soles for walkers, and running shoes -with thick shock-absorbent heels for runners.

So, our reader is going to need a good shock-absorbent cross-trainer. I pulled several, fashionable and functional shoes for her to take a look at.

Nike Free Everyday Cross-Trainer – it has a thick absorbent heel for running and soft netting to keep your feet cool.

Nike Air Max 90 Trainer II – Same effect with the trademark, but not noticeable Nike air-bubble – however the purple/lilac accents take away from the robotic look the shoe could have.
These are from As far as a stylish athletic shoe is concerned, Puma is winning in that category. They have several shoes that would make any FAB READER feel confident while she works out. Here are a couple that caught my eye:
PUMA Speeder M – Not as shock absorbent in the heel but very supportive to the ball of your foot.

PUMA Complete Eutopia – GREAT running shoe and awesome color combination. Mesh netting on the out sole makes for a shoe that will ‘give’ as you work out.
Lastly, NINE WEST has teamed up with New Balance to offer athletic shoes for their customers. See more styles at Also, NINE WEST’s running shoes go to a size 12.

Hopefully, this helps our reader.

Ms. Lyssa is always available to answer your fashion questions! Send your questions to

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