SPRING TRENDS 2009: Butterflies, Spicy Sandals, YELLOW

Good Day Fashion Darlings,

Well, I said I’d keep you up to date on the trends for Spring ’09 so here ya’ go!
First up we have one of my favorite trends for the season – butterfly details – I am a butterfly collector, so you know this is what I’m living for. Butterfly appliques, prints, and embroidery were all over the runway for spring, so you will be sure to see the winged details all over clothes this spring.

Next up we have the LV Spicy Sandal. This is the talk of the town with Kanye’s new arm candy, Amber Rose and bottle Blonde Christina Milian rocking these styles on the town. The Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandal personifies the trend for spring/summer ETHNIC DETAILS or TRIBAL INSPIRATIONS. The more detail on your feet the better says the look for spring. The LV SPICY Sandal retails from $1450 -$3000 (what recession?) – but I’m sure to see some interesting knockoffs at DSW or Off-Broadway.

Lastly, the color YELLOW is making a comeback for Spring/Summer 2009. And why not? With the recession and all the bad stuff going on in the world, putting some yellow into your life can only brighten your day. I’m personally fond of the yellow nail polish, fedora, converse low-tops and accessories. PLUS, yellow looks good on any skin tone. FAB!

Yellow – by CIWWAF-[begging4requests] on Polyvore.com

One thought on “SPRING TRENDS 2009: Butterflies, Spicy Sandals, YELLOW

  1. The Butterfly trend is a must for this summer! Also to keep in mind Meghan by Meghan Fabulous has dresses simliar to these but with much more color. Check it out on meghanshop.com


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