4Real Fashion: What’s the 411 LIVE

Good Morning Fashion People!!

Where were YOU last night? You should have been at What’s the 411 LIVE at Mercy Lounge. Let me tell you, it was a great, and if you didn’t come you missed out. Singers like Casme, Missi Hale, Joe E. Rich, and Jackie Wilson really sung them MJB songs like Mary was sitting there. Mary would have been proud, I tell ya!

So onto the 4real Fashion – I took the following pics of some of the fly people in the place. Last night I wanted to focus on people who are handling the Fall-to-Spring transition. It’s a difficult challenge, but you ladies succeeded!! Here we go:

Check the the shoe game on this lovely crew – Transitioning from Fall to Spring is all about your accessories. Stick with jeans or leggings and layer on art-ful accessories. That way if it’s warm when you got out and cold when you return home, you are sccessfully dressed for the occasion.

These ladies show you how to dress for the season AND the event. Mercy Lounge is mostly a stand-up place, so coming in with 4 inch heels is not going to be successful endeavor. At the same time coming in with athletic shoes should only be reserved for the gentleman. A cute cardigan like girl #2, a soft poplin shirt like girl #3, or your local band’s promo tee like girl #1 are all great choices.

Lastly, this young lady worked it out – the bright colors paired with a slim jean and ankle boot were a wonderful choice for this tricky weather. Her cute yellow bomber makes you think of Spring. One of the BEST ways to transition is to wear your brightest colored clothes that happen to be really warm (for those cold nights). Bright colored sweaters, tees, and button-downs are a perfect option for tricky nights.

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