4Real Fashion Event Review: PlayDate Nashville

Good Morning Fashion Friends!!

So, this weekend I attended PlayDate Nashville. Let me tell you, this is one event you need to be at. Of all the events I get invited to in Nashville, this one had the best mix of people. Plus, they REALLY do have all the games from your childhood.

The bad thing is some people are GAME HOGS. You can stroll by and be like ‘OOh, Giant Connect 4, I sure would like to play that game!” Only to be stared at like you are walking around in you underwear. Some peeps really thought they were at the house and they would not move or share or invite you to play. Which is really the beauty of the event: You can play ‘non-threatening’ games with people you don’t know.

However, the PlayDate planners can’t help that people didn’t learn those crucial social skills, lol.

Anyway, I had to spot and sport some 4real Fashion for all my readers. It was hard, I tell ya! First, there were SO MANY people at PlayDate and second, Nashville is having the toughest time transitioning to Spring in Nashville. All we know is cold and hot, warm is not in our vocab, and we tend to dress as such.

BUT there was light at the end of the tunnel with this lovely young lady pictured below:

She was on point with her trends without being TOO trendy:

  • High waisted Denim Harem Paints
  • Plaid Convertible sleeve shirt
  • Peep-toe suede booties
EXCELLENT!! She gets a gold star.

I had to show you my outfit for PlayDate. Don’t you love it?! Don’t get mad if you spot me around Nashville with this outfit on again!

My Carlton (a la Fresh Prince) shirt came from Target. It was only $12.00! With it I paired black slim jeans, Nike purple/black air flights (high tops) and purple cardi, and my official Smart Guy glasses. If you like it, you better move fast, there were a few at the White Bridge road store.
So, I better see ya at the NEXT PlayDate Nashville – April 25, 2009.

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