Shoes: Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection

Wow, Spring is looking up for the guys, especially in the urban trends department!

Gourmet is a footwear designer that I am not too familiar with, however, I seen many sneaker bloggers (hypebeast, freshngood, and CtotheJL) post pics of this wonderful shoe design. I had to let my guys know about these FLY sneakers for the spring.

CtotheJL writes that “the Gourmet is known for super smooth silhouettes, but for Spring, they upgrade some styles with top-notch materials. The Epi Collection consists of three sneakers each made of Epi leather, a special type of material that’s produced in French mills for top luggage companies around the globe (like Louis Vuitton). The apple red II Due ($275) is sure to turn heads.” My personal favorites are the hunter green high-top with laser cut accents and the black Ked style low tops. Click Here for more pics
To me, a guy who takes an interest in his shoe game, going past a pair of fresh Air Force 1’s, but stepping out the box to introduce a new design in his wardrobe is GOOD deal! So guys, although this might not be your design choice, try adding a new/unknown designer to your rotation.

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