Air Yeezy’s – A Fashion Dilemma

Let me start by saying – You cannot find the Air Yeezy’s in Nashville.

If you were lucky enough, you could have fly to ATL or Chicago to purchase a pair of the $215 shoe phenomena yesterday. People even camped out in front of Niketown Stores to be the first to buy a pair of the exclusive kicks. Please believe, by the summer (national distribution), you can have your very own pair of Yeezys – however, do you really want them?

Now, ya’ll know I LOVE me some Kanye. Dude is super creative and a marketing genius the way these shoes were hyped. This is the biggest release Nike has had since the introduction of the first Air Jordan shoe – WOW! Kanye don’t even play a sport.

Fashion wise, as a certified Sneakergirl (I’d rather be in a pair of Air Max 95’s than a pair of heels) these shoes cause quite a dilemma for me.

See, It’s different when you buy the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton shoe – I mean, you are a certified baller ($500 – $1000). That’s an exclusive-type shoe. But, paying $215 for a pair NIKE’s that everyone will have by the summer – just to say you HAVE them? Not a good deal. Maybe I’m growing up – oh lord – but the justification is not there.

Simple fact, most people (who care) will have a pair by the summer, so buying a pair (right now) can [kind of] make you exclusive. Most fashion folks want to be recognized for their individual style choices – and buying a pair of Yeezy’s is not it. You will end up being that dude who was dumb enough to wait in the cold, rain, sleet, or snow to pay a grip for a pair of souped up Hurache’s.

So, I guess, I’m not on the Yeezy bandwagon. Love the idea, love the marketing, love some of the elements from the shoe (the glow in the dark sole) hate that fact that it turns wanna-be sneaker collectors into mindless consumers – which is what we all are, right?

Check the video for some behind the scenes looks and fan thoughts about the Air Yeezy:

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