Michelle Ends her Fashion Tour

Well, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, ended her European tour this week. Mrs. O was a great hit over seas, not just for her fashion but for her personality and wit. What’s better than a fly lady with a wonderful mind – Fellas be on the look-out for BRAINS and BEAUTY! Alrighty, lets get to the fashion:

I thought I loved the turquoise blue with cardigan from last week, but then I saw this look right here! Ms. O was attending a concert in Baden-Baden, Germany wearing this Azzedine Alaia dress and cardigan combo – slim bodice, ruffled skirt, and chic classic accessories – Ms. O scores a perfect 10.

Next up Michelle visits a Strasbourg Cathedral wearing a black pants suit with braided leather details on the Azzedine Alaia jacket and an Etro top. Not my absolute favorite, however Ms. O’s burst of color takes a ho-hum business suit up to an individualized fashion frock.
Who’s bringing sexy back? WOW! Michelle is picture perfect arriving in Prague wearing a Narsico Rodriguez dress and Azzedine Alaia jacket. No stilettos for this towering beauty, a kitten heeled pump will do just fine.
Hmm – you know on the end of your vacation when you’ve worn all your cute outfits and you wear the one that is just not so fly – well that’s what happened here. I’m not saying that the ensemble is ugly, I’m just saying it’s not the best of the bunch. The white bow shirt is Moschino, skirt is Michael Kors, and Azzedine Alaia cardigan and belt.

One thought on “Michelle Ends her Fashion Tour

  1. she did look amazing!! black (pun not intended) hasnt looked this good in a long time. not many people can step out in all black and look like sunshine


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