TREND ALERT: Jewelry Trends – Spring 2009

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Fab Reader, Q. Monique, hit me up on Twitter asking me about the Spring’s hottest jewelry trends. Funny she should ask, seeing as I was just about to give my wonderful readers an update on what’s hot in the jewelry department for Spring 2009.

When shopping for jewelry this season keep two adjectives in mind – UNIQUE and BIG. That’s what it’s all about for this season. Making jewelry your own and not being afraid to stand out. Cuffs and Bangles, Statement Necklaces, Tribal Inspiration, Black & White details, Delicate Earrings, and Layers of Jewels – especially turquiose and Coral are great pieces hat will easily fit into your most fab spring ensembles. It’s good to know that some of the statement necklaces and bangles you bought in the fall are going to move into the spring season.

Spring Jewelry trends
(Spring Jewelry trends by Ms. Lyssa featuring Forever21 necklaces )

The best place to find trendy and recession friendly pieces are at thrift stores (Southern Thrift is my favorite), Forever 21 Jewelry stores (the Cool Springs Mall location is the BEST), Macy’s is good for a great jewelry sale, and Target.
Happy shopping!!

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