FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS: Future the Artist, Chester French, RL

It’s pretty cool being a blogger because I spend 70% of my time on the Internet. Doing so, I come across some cool independent and under-established artists. Plus, music and fashion go together like PB & J, so I get forwarded many links from artists and labels wanting me to highlight their artists. Here are a few mixtapes and EP’s that might float your fancy. Download and add some new music to your ipod, you know you want to.

Future the Artist: The Sci-Fly Guy EP
A Nashville favorite. He is also a Belmont student and vocalist for the Biscuits and Gravy Band. Biscuits and Gravy are some YOUNG cats who happen to be one of the greatest bans in Nashville, how about these buggers are all under the age of 25! Yeah.

OK, so Future has a side hustle (being a solo act), like all good artists, and came out with this awesome EP, The Sci-Fly Guy. One listen and you will be on your feet singing along. Just imagine a Southern, non-pompous, version of Kanye West with a lil’ bit of Blackthought from The Roots mixed in. That’s what you will hear on the EP.

Chester French: Jacques James Vol 1 (MIXTAPE)
Chester French is a duo who commonly bends genres, straddling the fence between rock, hip-hop, and pop. For their adoring fans, there is no problem. The duo, who graduated from Harvard and are multi-talented and can play multiple instruments are signed on the Star Trek label. They have the help of Pharrell Williams (who one the label fight between himself, Jermaine Dupri, and Kanye West). The duo, who have no official publicist, survives SOLELY on word-of-mouth and Internet marketing (website, myspace, facebook, and twitter). The group ,uncommonly, released a mixtape with new music for the public to listen to while their official LP will be release later this month. The mixtape is a masterpiece which feature hilarious skits and stand-out performances by Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Common, Diddy, and more.
RL: Don’t Talk Just Listen (MIXTAPE)
Remember the group NEXT, remember that song ‘Butta Love’? Well then you can remember RL, he sung that song with Deborah Cox – “We Can’t BE Friends”. AWW now I got ya! Well, RL has been under the radar for the last 10 years, you know producing and living off his ‘Butta Love’ money – however he’s back, and he is ready to give R&B the boost it needs. Word on the internet streets is that this MIXTAPE (all original music) is the best of the block, and even has a cameo by Kanye West. Give it a listen.


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