This Weekend – Pharrell, Wale, Eric Roberson

I had too much fun this weekend. BUT, who forgot their camera – ME the chick who is supposed to be the professional.

Anyway, I really wanted to go to Rites of Spring – but the tix were too expensive for me – I did get to see WALE perform at Bar-Fly with FUTURE the ARTIST and N.O.B.O.T.S as the opening act! That show was awesome from start to finish. It was SO good to hear some premium hip-hop and go-go music. FUTURE is just the best and I hope you have downloaded his new EP, it’s free and it’s good, and you better get it before he blows up! click here for the free download.

My girl Erin (fab photographer pictured below w/ the blue sunglasses) at purp ‘n pop had some personal coverage of some of the weekend’s events. Click here for her pics and coverage.

Also, go to for pics and stories from the past weekend’s events.

Give love to these bloggers and e-magazines – we are gonna be famous one day!!

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