Fashion Forum: How to carry a fake bag – IF you MUST!

Oh, fashion friends – there is a problem in Nashville and abroad. Regular chicks with regular jobs, carrying imposter, fake, conterfit, luxury bags/purses. I know you seen them, you know, girls like the chicks below (from, walking around with a $3000 imposter bag – like we believe that mug is real – WHATEV!

Of all the foolishness I saw this weekend, I think the fake bag issue was the one that had me banging my head against the wall. The bag pictured above was carried by a certified hood girl. FYI – that LV monogram reflective bag is a SPECIAL EDITION – not many made, uber-expensive past the $1500 mark and certainly not a bag that the average chick can buy.

Now, I know everyone is not me. Everyone doesn’t study bag design, or visit the LV store just to touch the purses, or read up on the manufacturing of a particular brand like I do. I can detect a fake bag in a minute. Most people don’t even CARE.

Plus, I really don’t have a problem with chicks carrying fake bags, I know it’s something that WILL NOT be stopped. So, since I can’t change the game, I can certainly try to improve the game -It’s all in how you carry your bag.

Here are my TOP tips for carrying a fake:
Do they even make that style of bag? – I have a friend that works for Louis Vuitton – all he does is study LV bags/style/lines. The stories he’s told me about females walking into the LV store demanding that their bag be repaired -WHAT! Chick walking in with a Stephen Sprouse monogram book bagLV don’t even make that style. So make sure the style you’re faking is the style they are MAKING!

Can you actually afford it? – I’m not gonna lie, I have rocked a fake bag OR two, but I follow this one rule – If I really wanted to, could I afford that bag? If the answer is yes, then I bought the fake. If you work at McDonald’s and come to work rocking a Fendi Spybag (retail $2,250), I’m gonna give you a SUPREME side-eye – GIRL STOP PLAYING! Slanging burgers won’t get you a $2000 bag, now slanging something else might – haha. Stay in you fake bag lane – Coach and Dooney are about as far as you can go, maybe a Kate Spade if you act like you save money.
Does your WARDROBE style match your fake bag style?

So, you got on some Apple Bottom jeans that you bought from your local ‘urban’ clothing store or a House of Dereon dress with matching sparkle-fied Baby Phat shoes carrying the Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection bag, shown below (retail $4995). NOPE, not gonna have it. Most people who try to rock fakes, try too hard to let EVERYBODY THINK they have money. Take it down a notch. Jeans a simple t-shirt, nice jacket, fly shoes, and that’s it – no logos no labels – clean and fashionable.

Last thoughts – You don’t have to carry a label to show you have style. A purse is just a place to carry things that can’t fit in hands or pockets. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL! If you really want a designer bag try SAVING the money to buy a bag or try one of the sites like Bag, Borrow, or Steal. Work on you personal style before you try throwing a high-end label into your wardrobe. Many who know me, know I am the TARGET queen. I will rock a Target bag like it’s a Burberry Limited Edition. But, because I worked on my personal style so well, people THINK I payed big money for my bag. It works, just try it.

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