TREND ALERT: Deck Shoes/Top Siders

I’m just in a shoe mood this week! So I wanted to let you know about the ‘little shoe that could’ – the ever present Deck Shoe also called Top Sider.

This shoe just keeps making a comeback. I remember wanting a pair so bad in the 4th grade, then I get to college, and the southern guys were wearing them at school (most popular were the Eastland brand). Now the style is making a comeback, familiarized by the skid resistant gum sole and durable leather design. These shoes ONLY look better as they get older.

What a great way to spend a summer day – and now the shoe comes in an endless number of materials – patent leather, candy colored suede, and the traditional dark amber color. Several companies have added a deck shoe to their 2009 line-up – BBC Ice Cream, Sperry’s, Eastland, Louis Vuitton, Polo, etc. Just find a pair you like and get to steppin – you’ll be comfortable all day.

Summer shoe tip – Spray a bit of aerosol deodorant in your shoes to prevent the sweaty-stinkies from ruining your day (especially if you’re not wearing socks).

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