TREND ALERT: White Jeans are Here!

Hola Fashion People!

Next week is Memorial Day weekend and this day will usher in the official opening of the summer season. Oh Joy! You can now take out your linen, light cotton, and muslin apparel for all the public to view. Luckily, in Nashville, the weather has steadily been warming up – however in some locations still have a couple more weeks of tricky weather to deal with. Don’t fret – you can still bring in the spirit of summer with the addition of a slick pair of white jeans.

White jeans are not hard to wear or purchase. The following examples are available NOW at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. Those stores offer the best selection, prices, and sizes (talls and plus – yeah!). Banana Republic even has a cute white denim pencil skirt – NICE!!

So, now you got your white jeans – what to wear with them? Well, you know Ms. Lyssa got your back with my handy list of Do’s and Don’ts.
  • DO – Find a pair of white jeans fitted for your height. Unlike regular blue jeans – it’s not attractive or acceptable to have dirty bottoms on your white jeans.
  • DO – Wear bright colors to compliment your jeans.
  • DO – Pair metallic and vibrant jewels with your white jeans
  • Accessorie for white jeans
  • DON’T – Buy a white jean jacket to match your jeans -It’s 2009 not 1999.
  • DON’T – Be afraid of wearing white, keep a Tide To-Go stick in your purse for minor accidents


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