Fab Finds: Gladiator Sandals from SHI

Good Afternoon Fashion People,

Sorry I’m late with my post. I had a late start this morning and you know how life kinda gets ahead of you – well it happened to me today. However, I’m back on track and I am bring you a FAB FIND on this Monday – Gladiator Sandals from Shi.

Shi is a retail shoe outlet spun of from Journey’s. They offer trendy shoes and accessories for relatively low prices – think $100 and below. The store offers sizes 5 – 11 and you can buy online. Last week, I went with a friend and absolutely fell in love with the shoes shown below. I just want the all. Since, Gladiator Sandals are here for a moment longer, my goal is to find designs that bring out my individual style (it should be your goal too).

The designs below showcase tribal and rocker influences, as well as using unusual fabrics to give a subdued yet creative look. PLUS rocking a trend under $50 is well worth the try. Happy Shopping!


Zigi Soho Cavort – Dark Brown – 44.99

Zigi Soho Camelia – Black – $49.99

Nadara Augusta – Black – $29.99

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