Ms. Lyssa’s Got a ‘fancy-pants’ new job!

Hello Fashion People!!

Today is a good day – well most days are, but today is a special day for me.

Let me just say that writing this wonderful blog is a true testament of my love for fashion. It’s hard work trying to lure new readers to my site with original witty content about the fashion world. Most people don’t understand what the ‘big deal’ is about fashion – “Doesn’t everyone put their pants on the same way?”, they ask. Well, I kept pushing on. Now, I’m happy to say I am one step closer to my dream job. I am the new Urban Fashion Writer for the Nashville Examiner.

So what does all this mean? Well, it pays, that’s one thing! 🙂 And I get to be the voice for Nashville’s urban fashion mavens. But don’t worry, FAB GLANCE NASHVILLE is here to stay. I love my baby and I love my readers. I will post articles on Fab Glance on Daily Basis, and I will post articles for Examiner 3 Days a week.

Fab Glance will now be more globally focused on fashion and trends where as my Examiner articles will be more Nashville focused. I will continue to post all the fly events on Fab Glance and we can’t forget 4real Fashion, Fashion Forum, and Reader Questions. In addition, I’m continually styling new clients – If you need a stylist for an event or photo shoot send your girl an email!

So check me out HERE on Mon., Wed, & Fri!

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