Event Review: Nicole C. Mullen Store Opening – Outta Nuthin 613, Franklin, TN

Hey Fab girls and boys!

It’s FabGirl Sabrina! I am the assistant to Ms.Lyssa, and my job is to give you all of the info that Ms.Lyssa didn’t get a chance to see. So, lets get down to business!

As you all know from Thursday’s blog, Nicole Mullen opened a boutique in Franklin called Outta Nuthin 613. I attended the grand opening of her store, and I was very impressed. It’s in a great spot in the downtown Franklin area. Lucky for me, when I arrived at the store, I was just in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Nicole Mullen’s music attracts so many different kinds of people. Walking into her store makes you feel great about being who you are.There are great pictures of Nicole and her friends all over the store, so it makes you feel right at home. Nicole was wonderful. She actually came right up to me and started talking, you know I FABGLANCED her, so be on the lookout for a Boutique Spotlight soon.

The jeans are affordable and you get to take them and rip,cut and dye your jeans any way you want. They also have other acessories, like handbags, and jewelry that you can buy and play with as well. You can schedule parties, and invite little girls to come to the boutique to be creative. Take an old pair of jeans from your own closet, and make them “new”. Best of all, this boutique carries the best message. Outta Nuthin 613 stands for Isiah 61:3 which states,”…to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…”
Gotta love a good Jean with a good message!

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